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How to Check Your Taxi Cab Driver's Credentials

Posted - 02/12/2012

When you climb into a taxi, you are surrendering control to a stranger. In some cases, that driver may not even be legally qualified to drive a taxi. It's always a good idea to check your driver's credentials before you get inside a taxi. Laws differ from place to place, so there is not one single thing that tells you your taxi belongs to a professional taxi company. However, there are things you can look for that will provide clues. For example, most professional taxi services have the name of the company and its phone number on the body of the taxi.

In many areas, taxis are issued special license plates, as well. There is often a taxi number, as well as an official identification number on the vehicle. Legitimate drivers will nearly always have a commercial license displayed prominently, and will usually have the taxi's license from the local jurisdiction on display. Finally, look in the phone book when you are in an unfamiliar city. The names of legitimate professional taxi companies will be listed. If a taxi doesn't have the name of one of these companies prominently displayed on the vehicle, wait for the next one to come along.
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